TED University Scholarship in Turkey 2022

TED University Scholarship in Turkey 2022:

TED University in Turkey invites students from different countries of the world to apply for a scholarship to study a bachelor’s degree at the university, as this scholarship will provide an exemption from tuition fees charged for the chosen program, and it is opened to students from all countries of the world.

Information about TED University in Turkey:

TED University founded in 2012, and ranked 88th nationally, Ted University is a university located in the heart of Ankara that has made its mission to create impactful programs that provide high-quality education.

Since the day it was founded, the Turkish Education Association has always been aware that education does not only consist of schooling, and that it is possible to attain the level of contemporary civilization only through high-quality education combined with healthy social and cultural training.

The Full Education Scholarship program was initiated in the 2003-2004 academic year to be awarded to ‘successful students in financial need’. Students are entitled to receive this scholarship based on their success in written and oral examinations and on home visits by specialists from the Turkish Education Association.
Students who are eligible for the scholarship receive education as day students if there are TED schools in their home province; otherwise, they are sent as boarding students to TED Karabük or TED Polatlı high schools.

A ‘full education scholarship’ covers the entire range of student expenses from tuition fees to books, stationery, transportation, food, clothing and housing until the end of their university education. In addition, specialists from the Association make sure that the scholarship students successfully adapt to their new lives, and they closely monitor the students’ academic success as well as their social and psychological development.


TED University Scholarship in Turkey 2022| Details:

  • Host University: TED University.
  • Course Level: Undergraduate (Bachelor’s degree).
  • Nationality: International.
  • Study location: Turkey.

TED University Scholarship in Turkey 2022| Funding:

The award will be distributed in the following manner:

  • Full Tuition Waiver Scholarship: This support will provide the total cost of tuition and includes free accommodation at a dormitory just for Turkish students.
  • 75%, 50 %, 25%  Tuition Waiver scholarship: These financial aid positions will provide the students with 75%, 50 %, 25%   of the cost of tuition fees.


-The fee of English Preparatory School is the same amount as the one year program fee of the relevant program.

-VAT is included in the above-mentioned list.

-Students with 75% and 100% scholarships can benefit from discounts on TEDU Dormitories with 15% and 20% rates, respectively.

TED University Scholarship in Turkey 2022| Eligibility criteria:

All nationalities are eligible.

  • How to Apply: To empower with this educational award, students are needed to register in the undergraduate degree program at the university. After taking affirmation, you can achieve the program.
TED University Scholarship in Turkey 2022
TED University Scholarship in Turkey 2022

Required Documents:

List of required documents for application to TEDU undergraduate programs:

  • Passport (first page)
  • High School Diploma (if not graduated yet, Graduation Certificate taken from the high school. The expected date of graduation and the expected graduation score must be stated on the certificate)
  • An official high school transcript displaying the scores of taken courses
  • Official copy of the exam/diploma/test results
  • If granted financial support by an institution, an official letter from the institution stating the duration and amount of the financial support.
  • Photograph
  • Admission Requirements: Students must have a high school certificate/diploma that has taken in Turkey, with a minimum average score of 70%.
  • Language Requirement: Applicants need to be proficient in written and spoken the Turkish language.

List of required documents for registration to TEDU Undergraduate Programs

  • Passport copies (First Page, Visa and entry stamp).
  • High School Diploma (apostilled) with copies.
  • High School Transcript (apostilled) with copies.
  • Official Exam Result (if available) with copy.
  • Turkish High School Equivalency Certificate.
  • Valid Visa or Residence Permit with copy.
  • Biometric Photo (2 Pcs).
  • Tuition Fee Payment Receipt(s).

Faculties and Institutes:

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