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Bachelor of Information Technology Scholarship in Australia

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Bachelor of Information Technology Co-operative Scholarship in Australia 2020

The University of Technology Sydney is  inviting students from  all nationalities  who are living in Australia to apply for the Bachelor of Information Technology Co-operative Scholarship in Australia.

About The Scholarship Program

The Bachelor of Information Technology is a cooperative education program between the University and sponsoring organisations. The aim of the program is to produce graduates who will become leaders in information technology in Australian organisations. The focus of the graduate’s education is in computer-based information systems, with a strong practical flavour. The periods of industry based learning are key to the development of the graduate’s skills. The graduates will also be well versed in business principles and practice, as well as the fundamentals of information technology.

Scholarship Details 

  • University : University of Technology Sydney (UTS)
  • Course Level: undergraduate degree
  • Place of study :  Australia
  • Application Deadline: 06/09/2020


Applicants must be/have:

  • Australian or New Zealand citizens, or the holder of an Australian permanent resident visa or permanent humanitarian visa; and
  • Recent School Leavers; and
  • For the duration of the Scholarship: full-time enrolment in a UTS Bachelor of Information Technology undergraduate degree, which is their first undergraduate degree; and
  • All candidates must apply using the UTS BIT online Scholarship application form to be eligible; and
  • Apply through the Universities Admissions Centre (UAC) for admission into the Bachelor of Information Technology.
  • It is expected that students will achieve an ATAR of around 90 or higher. The Faculty may consider applicants whose ATAR falls in the range of 80 to 99.95 (including adjustment points) depending on the quality of their application and interview.
  • Scholarships will only be awarded to applicants that personally attend an interview.

Application  Process 

Applicants for this Scholarship Program must complete the BIT online application form in addition to applying through UAC.

 Scholarship Benefits

The award amount is $49,500, which will be paid for three years. The number of awardees is dependent on the pool of scholarship sponsors for that given cohort year.

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