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DLR-DAAD International Fellowship

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DLR-DAAD International Research Fellowship Programme in Indonesia

The German Academic Exchange Servic is  inviting researchers from all over the world to apply for a DLR-DAAD Research Fellowships to complete the doctoral research in Indonesia

DLR-DAAD Research Fellowships is a program implemented by the ‘German Aerospace Center’ (DLR) and the ‘German Academic Exchange Service.

This special program is intended for highly-qualified foreign doctoral and postdoctoral students as well as senior scientists.

About  The DAAD Fellowship :

This special programme is intended for highly-qualified foreign doctoral and postdoctoral students as well as senior scientists. DLR-DAAD Fellowships are defined and awarded on an individual basis. Each fellowship announcement will indicate the specific qualification requirements and terms of visit.

Scholarship Details

Host Organization:  DLR and German Academic Exchange Service

Course Level: Doctoral, Research, Postdoctoral

Nationality: Domestic and International students

Place of Study  in Indonesia

Eligibility for DAAD Fellowship 

 At the time of their application, applicants for a DLR-DAAD Fellowship must

Applicants must be able to prove their outstanding study or research achievements in the field of research corresponding to the fellowship offer,

Type A: have completed their studies or research with a university degree not more than six years ago,

Type B: have completed their studies with a doctorate/PhD/Candidate (Russia) not more than two years ago,

Type C: applicants must be working in higher education or at a research institute; positions are open to outstandingly-qualified academics and scientists who should generally hold a doctorate/ Ph.D., additional prerequisites may differ and are stated in the fellowship offers,

Candidates must have an excellent knowledge of English; knowledge of German is advantageous.

Application Process for DAAD Fellowship 

The application procedure occurs online through the DAAD portal. Your referees should send their letters of recommendation by post to the application address.

 Scholarship Benefits 

Type A – Doctoral Students (Doctorate in Germany): monthly installment of 1,760 euros; e.g. flat-rate travel allowance, health insurance, family allowances

Type B – Postdoctoral Students (Research in Germany): 2,400 euros per month

Type C – Senior Scientists (Research in Germany): 2,760 euros per month

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