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Doha Institute Scholarship 2020

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The Doha Institute For Graduate Studies Scholarship In Qatar 2020

The Doha Institute For Graduate Studies  is inviting  students from around the world to apply for a Scholarship to study Master Degree and it  is a fully-funded scholarship and is available for both national and international students.

About the University

​​​​The Doha Institute for Graduate Studies (DI) is an independent institute for learning and research in the fields of Social Sciences, Humanities, Public Administration and Development Economics in Doha. The DI is predicated on providing a platform whereby teaching, learning, and research interact and are in constant dialogue with one another.

Scholarship Details

Nationality : All Nationalities

Place Of Study : Qatar

HOST INSTITUTE: Doha Institute for Graduate Studies, Qatar

COURSE LEVEL: Master’s Degree Programs



These full scholarships based on merit and academic excellence. It is dedicated to the most distinguished Qatari and international students in the Arab world.

Full tuition fees coverage

Free accommodation

A monthly stipend

Health insurance

Two travel tickets from and to home country upon arrival and after graduation


These scholarships based on the financial needs of students. It is dedicated to Qatari, Residents in Qatar and international students.

Full Tuition Fees Covered

Free Accommodation in Institute Dormitories

Monthly Stipend

Health Insurance

Two travel tickets from and to home country upon arrival and after graduation


Both Qatari and international students can apply

Must have a bachelor degree

For more details about the eligibility criteria, please visit the official website.

Application Process

Create an application on the DI admission portal.

Applicants can submit one application only. duplicate applications will be disregarded.

Applicants can save their application progress and apply it in several sessions.

Applicants are required to upload all application materials via the online portal.

Applicants can request references online via the online application system.

Referees receive the reference request automatically and can fill out the reference forms online.

Applicants can check the status of their references online and can remind a referee or create a new reference request even after submission of the application.


The last date to apply for the Doha Institute Scholarship 2020 in Qatar is Friday 21 February 2020. all admission applications will be submitted online. No applications will be accepted via email or regular mail.

If you are already interested in obtaining admission to the Doha Institute for Graduate Studies, you can now read more details and you can apply through the link below:


To keep in touch and to be up to date with all new scholarships you can follow us on Facebook from here 

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