Free Course About Leadership Skills

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Completely free course offered via the University of Maryland About Leadership Skills

If you are a leader and want to develop your personality and leadership skills and have the ability to influence your audience  in more practical and scientific way , The course in influential arts and community leadership skills which is offered by University of Maryland through  EDX online learning platform will be very important to you.

Information about the leadership skills course

Develop the skills to be an effective and successful leader. High impact leaders have the ability to lead and influence others toward a common goal.  To do this you must develop your own toolbox of strategies – to maintain engagement, to build collaborative support and to master conflict while remaining true to your authentic self.

Upon completing this course, learners will be able to design an effective influence strategy to accomplish goals, even without formal authority. You’ll be able to recognize team dynamics and identify ways to help each member contribute more effectively. Through exercises and lessons, you’ll pinpoint problems and challenges in the way you (and your teams) make decisions. Finally, you’ll walk away with a concrete plan for continuing to expand your situational adaptability as a leader, allowing you to adjust with fluency and achieve your fullest potential.

What you will learn through this course

  • Determine an effective influence strategy to accomplish a goal, regardless of formal authority
  • Recognize team dynamics and identify strategies for leveraging each member’s contribution
  • Identify problems in the way you, and your team, make important decisions
  • Build a concrete plan for continuing to expand your situational adaptability as a leader

Leadership Course Details:

Host University: University of Maryland, USA

Host Platform: EDX Education Platform

Duration: 7 weeks

The effort required to complete the course: 8-10 hours per week

Price: Free (you can add a certified certificate for US $ 214)

Language required: English

How to apply for the leadership skills course

You can now access the EDX website from the link below and create a user account and start  in this course  or other  useful courses that are important for you.

If you are already interested in this course you can now apply here

To keep in touch and to be up to date with all new scholarships you can follow us on Facebook from here 

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