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Free Course in Nutrition and Health

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Free Online Course in Nutrition and Health

Everyday reports of food scandals and recalls are published. One day it’s scary bacteria in meat, and another day it’s dangerous pesticides in fruits. According to some, meat needs to be cooked well to prevent food-borne illness while others warn not to heat food to prevent the formation of poisonous substances.

Many consumers worry about the conflicting and confusing messages about food hazards

This nutrition and health course will teach you about the hazards associated with food and give you the tools to assess and quantify the dangers they can present. You will learn the effects of food processing, the shared responsibility in the food chain and the prevention of food poisoning/intoxication. After this course, you will be able to differentiate what is a food myth vs. an actual risk. Finally, you will gain a contemporary view of how different risks can be weighed in a scientific way.

What you’ll learn

Overview of food hazards

Elementary knowledge on microbiological and toxicological risk analysis

How to better interpret the information overload about hazards in food

Why zero hazard does not exist

Ways to reduce hazards in food

Course Details:

Length: 8 Weeks

Effort: 6–8 hours per week

Price: FREE(Add a Verified Certificate for $49 USD)

Institution WageningenX

Subject: Biology & Life Sciences

Level: Introductory

Language: English

Video Transcript:  English

 you can reach to this course from the link below:

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