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NIG Summer Internship

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NIG Summer Internship in Japan 2020

The National Institute of Genetics  (NIG) in Japan invites students and researchers from different countries of the world to apply for a fully funded summer training at the National Institute of Genetics

About the Opportunity

The duration of the National Institute of Genetics (NIG/Department of Genetics, SOKENDAIinternship is 6 weeks and the internship will run from June 18 – July 29, 2020. The dates of the paid internship in Japan may change due to the Olympic Games held in Japan.



HOST INSTITUTE: National Institute of Genetics (NIG)/ Department of Genetics, SOKENDAI


INTERNSHIP DATES:  June 18 – July 29, 2020

Scholarship Benefits

NIG will cover the costs of


Local transportation fares between the airport in Japan and NIG,

Lodging in the institute’s guesthouse

Travel insurance during the program

Allowance for meals (ca. 1,500JPY/day, subject to change) will also be provided.


Students from any country can apply for

Both Undergraduates & Post Graduates students can apply for international internships.

Students can apply, if they are in the 3rd year of a 4-year bachelor program, in the 2nd year of a 3-year bachelor program, in the 4th year of a 5-year program, in the 1st year of a 2-year master program, or in the 5th year of a 6-year program. Students who are interested in enrolling in our Ph.D. program at NIG are encouraged to apply.

Application Process

The institute accept applications only through the online application system. Please read “Application guideline” below carefully and follow the instructions.

Application guideline and Online Application

* The online application system opens on November 26 and closes at noon on January 7, 2020 (Japan standard time, JST)

* Students interested in applying for this program must read, understand and agree to the conditions and requirements of the program.

* Due to the overwhelming number of applications, they do not reply to individual queries regarding this website, the selection status, and the results.


The application deadline for the Summer Internship in Japan 2020 is January 7, 2020.


The selected students will receive a notification from us by early March 2020

If you are already interested in the training of the National Institute of Genetics you can read more details through the link below:


To keep in touch and to be up to date with all new scholarships you can follow us on Facebook from here 

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