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Republic of Austria Master Scholarships

The government of Austria is inviting student from around the world to apply  for the master degree program in the field of international relations offered by OeAD-GmbH.  and this program is financed by the Scholarship Foundation of the Republic of Austria.

About the OeAD-GmbH organization

In 2005 the Austrian National Council established the Scholarship Foundation of the Republic of Austria by an Act of Parliament to provide scholarships for all fields of education and further education.

Scholarship Details 

Organization: OeAD-GmbH

Course Level: Master

Nationality: International

Place of Study : Austria

Application Deadline: April 1, 2020


Eligible for application are students,
– who are descendants of forced labourers under the Nazi regime (regardless of their country of origin)
– or come from countries that have exceptionally suffered from the Nazi regime, especially from the recruitment of forced labourers

Application process

The following documents have to be uploaded for the Online Application on

  1. fully completed Online Application form “Application for a Scholarship of the Scholarship Foundation of the Republic of Austria” including a CV
  2. two letters of recommendation, that confirm the necessity of the stay in Austria and provide information about the scientific qualification of the applicant. For these letters of recommendation no specific form is required; they have to contain the letterhead, date and signature of the person recommending the applicant and the stamp of the Institution / university / department and must be no older than six months at the time of application.
  3. scanned passport (showing the name and picture of the applicant)
  4. confirmation of Admission/acceptance or the application for Admission/acceptance. Without a confirmation of admission the scholarship cannot be awarded.
  5.  for descendants of forced labourers: processing number or photocopy of the letter of information or other relevant proofs

 Scholarship Benefits

1) Monthly scholarship instalment: 1.050 EUR
There is no additional funding for tuition fees.
2) Health insurance: OeAD scholarship holders need to have health insurance that is accepted by the Austrian authorities for the duration of their stay in Austria. The OeAD can help with taking out such insurance. The monthly costs can vary at the Moment you should calculate 55 to 200 EUR (depending on your age, scholarship category and state of health). The costs for the insurance have to be covered from the scholarship.
3) Accomodation: It is possible for OeAD scholarship holders to book accommodation  (student dormitory or apartment) with the OeAD Housing office. Monthly costs: 220 to 470 EUR (depending on the level of comfort requested by the scholarship holder). The scholarship holder has to pay an administrative fee of 18 EUR/month to the OeAD Housing office for the provision of accommodation. The costs for the accommodation have to be covered from the scholarship.
4) Travel costs: Applicants from countries which are neither members of the EU nor members of EFTA or OECD can be granted a travel allowance. The lump sum depends on the country of origin.
if you are interesting in this scholarship you can read more from the link below:

To keep in touch and to be up to date with all new scholarships you can follow us on Facebook from here 

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