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The MARIHE application period for student intake 2019 is now open!!

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The MARIHE application period for student intake 2019 is now open!!

Description – MARIHE in brief
ProgrammeMaster in Research and Innovation in Higher Education – MARIHE (Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree)
DurationFour semesters (24 months); 120 ECTS (information on ECTS)
Language of TuitionEnglish
Degree awardedJoint Degree “Master of Science, MSc.” or Joint Degree “Master of Administrative Sciences, M.Sc. (Admin.)” or Double Degree “Master (in Educational Science)” & “Master of Administrative Sciences” (more information on this)
StartStudent intake is once a year in August.

Objectives of MARIHE

Objective 1: Promote and enforce the benefits of the current changes in the knowledge triangle (innovation, research and higher education system).

Objective 2: Educate innovation, research and higher education experts who are prepared for the future challenges.

Objective 3: Prepare students for the challenges by linking knowledge on systems and tools with a global comparative perspective.

Objective 4: Improvement of research and innovation of HEIs through professional management.

Associated Partners

The Associated Partners in the MARIHE programme are renowned national or international institutions that provide services, funding or policy analysis to the tertiary education sector and whose activities are closely linked to the topics of research and innovation in higher education. Within the programme they will provide places for the compulsory internship for students and support the academic board of MARIHE with their expertise. Members of these institutions will also participate in the programme as faculty.

The involvement of the Associated Partners will help MARIHE students develop a broad picture of the system logics of higher education at national and international level. They will get insights into practice and make valuable contacts to increase their future employment perspectives.

Associated Partners of MARIHE programme are:

The 10 mandatory application documents are:

Please note: All templates are available in the Download Section. Regarding requirements, carefully read our MARIHE Guideline for Applicants.

1. Application Form for participation in MARIHE as a scholarship holder (intake 2019)

2.  Copy of passport / personal identification card
– Notice: Translation into English may be needed (see information on translations of documents)

3.  Curriculum Vitae (CV)
– in Europass format (English template)

4.  Letter of Motivation (LoM)

5.  University diplomas/degree certificates from prior university studies
– Instructions for applicants who will obtain their first degree after the application deadline:
If you receive your final university diploma (of your first university degree) after the application deadline, you may submit it to MARIHE Secretariat until 01 June 2019. Before, please fill in the signed “Statement on expected first university degree” and submit it as application document No. 5 until the application deadline. The address for sending a scanned copy of the university diploma after the application period has ended and until 01 June 2019 is: [email protected]

 6.  Transcripts of records from all university studies
– If original is not in English, please provide original plus translation (see information on translation of documents).

7.  Recent photograph

8.  Proof of proficiency in English language (certificate with scores from TOEFL, IELTS, PTE, Cambridge C1 Advanced, Cambridge C2 Proficiency)
– Find out more on requirements for test certificates and for what reasons an applicant can be exempted from English language certificate
– If unable to present the English language test certificate until the application deadline, applicants can ask to be granted an extension for this document until 16 January 2019 by filling in the signed “Statement on late submission of English test score” and submit it as application document No. 8 until the application deadline. The address for sending a scanned copy of the test certificate after the application period has ended and until 16 January 2019 is: [email protected]

9.  Two letters of recommendation
– Please see the information to give to the referees in the Download Section.

10.  Essay
– For topic and lenght of essay, please see template.

In general, all application documents should be prepared in English language, or, if they are originals in other languages (e.g university diploma), should be translated into English according to our requirements.

For Technical Specifications for Application Documents, please refer to the Guideline for Applicants.

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